WILDCAT Cable Solutions manufactures custom cable assemblies, overmolded cable harnesses, and custom box builds that streamline mining operations. We can assist with every phase of product design and development, including prototyping, so you can see how your product will perform before it’s produced on a wider scale to enter the mine.

All of our custom cable assemblies, overmolded cable harnesses, and custom box builds are designed to endure hazardous environments and resist many oils and chemicals.

Our strategic resources and advanced capabilities ensure exceptional remotes, high vibration, shock casings, and other mining products.

With our complete system packaging, you will receive supply chain management, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery. We also serve as a repair facility, where you can drop off any cable parts that need fixed and receive them back within two business days.


We assist you in selecting the right components for your custom cable assemblies. Standard cable include Teflon (FEP), Polyurethane (PU) and flexible coaxial, triaxial, corrugated and related RF cable assemblies; with various types of insulations and water-tight constructions.

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We design and develop custom cable assemblies, ruggedized molded cable assemblies and cable harnesses to meet your specific application requirements.
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We consult with you to manufacture the best electrical connectors for our custom cable assemblies manufacturing.
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